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He is Unavailable for Public Speaking Appearances
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"We have lost the America that we grew up in. Ben Franklin was right when he said that our founders created a Republic if we can keep it. The GOP was almost as much at fault as were the corrupt Democrats. Raising money is not the answer. I have yet to see how much of the money the GOP raised went to support the corrupt Fake News that helped take down President Trump. The Lord has a plan and reason why very bad people were allowed to take over the USA...The bad people who have taken over our country have no idea what the Lord has in store for them; the Lord is in control and as Americans we will not stand in the way of what the Lord has planned. We are praying."
Peter N. James, retired Conservative Book Club Author

Remember CHRIST HAS RISEN and GOD is in control
"Do not be afraid, but go on speaking and do not be silent, for I am with you."
Acts 18:9-10 ESV


The MEMOIR that I'm working on has a section that deals with some of the issues raised here and the fact that "we have lost the America that we grew up in." Look for it in 2022-2023, but be sure to read what I posted below. For HISTORICAL REASONS, some of what is posted BELOW was "permanently frozen" on this web page on Nov. 4, 2020.

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On October 2, 2020, when President Trump was admitted to Walter Reed Hospital after testing positive to the Corona-19 virus, we posted the following positively received message on FoxNews.com under the name "TheAmericans":

"We love you Mr. President!
Take care of yourself and get well soon.
Have no fear. YOU have MILLIONS OF AMERICANS who will help pick up the slack while you recover.

Private -- To the "Magnificent 77" referenced in my forthcoming book: I need you to finish on your own what I have outlined earlier below. I'm focused on the book now and made a conscious decision on July 18, 2020 to change course. Just make sure that everyone helping you follows the law and conducts themselves ethically and morally. For anyone accidently linking to this page, apply the same standards to your own work if you agree with what is outlined below. I pray that as an American you are guided by God and the principles our nation's founders used to create our great nation.

I am not only praying for the reelection of President Trump, but for the defeat of ALL corrupt Democrats (and there are too many) seeking political office. I am encouraging President Trump to create a contract with America: Throw out of office on Nov. 3, 2020 all Democrat candidates; if the resulting Republican majority in the House and Senate cannot keep their promises and execute President Trump's agenda, they should be voted out of office in 2022. The SURVIVAL OF AMERICA depends on voters throwing out of office on election day every corrupt do-nothing Democrat and exposing legally their "look-the-other-way" supporters. Republicans in the House and Senate better deliver during the next two years or they will face the same treatment in 2022.

FACT: If President Trump is not reelected on Nov 3, 2020, we will permanently lose the America that our founders created.

PRAY for our president, his family, and the United States of America.

If YOU are an American citizen and have a cell phone, photograph yourself and your family, make sure that you VOTE, get ALL of your friends to VOTE, and save that photo for your children, grandchildren and future decendants to SEE and CONFIRM that YOU took part in the most important election of our lifetime and YOU were one of MILLIONS OF AMERICANS who VOTED to SAVE AMERICA.
(Posted 31 Oct. 2020 -- 3 days before Election Day).



(If YOU have any doubts about the credibility of the assessment below, scroll to the bottom and check out the background of the Rocket Engineer, SPY, National Speaker, and Conservative Book Club AUTHOR who was known overseas as "The American" during the "Cold War". He exposed SERIOUS ABUSES by our own government, kept his privacy and lived to tell about it.)

I am amazed that today's DEEP STATE and FAKE NEWS have been able to operate so easily without being brought down.
"The American"


1. HONEST ASSESSMENT: Unless Americans successfully deal with the abuses of power by the DEEP STATE and the coordinated lies, tactics, and misrepresentations by FAKE NEWS, SOCIAL MEDIA INTERNET PROVIDERS, and self-serving anti-American CRIMINALS, the U.S. government is STILL ON THE BRINK OF BEING ILLEGALLY OVERTHROWN in 2020. THIS ALMOST HAPPENED ON NOV. 8, 2016 WHEN DEMOCRAT CANDIDATE HILLARY CLINTON and her operatives attempted to illegally defeat REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE DONALD J. TRUMP in the last presidential election.


2. WARNING: The VERY BAD people who attempted to secretly overthrow our government are still working 24/7 to set our nation on a dangerous irreversible course. Unfortunately, they have LEARNED FROM THEIR 2016 MISTAKES and know that most decent Americans, other than voting, will not dirty their hands to deal with them. For example, SPONSORS of FAKE NEWS broadcasts and interview shows know that not many Americans will hold them accountable by participating in a boycott of the products they advertise. That might be true, but there is something very true about #MAGA Americans that anti-Americans will never understand: WE LOVE GOD, OUR FAMILIES, and OUR COUNTRY, WE LOVE WHAT OUR NATION'S FOUNDERS CREATED, WE LOVE OUR CONSTITUTION, WE LOVE OUR FLAG, and WE LOVE OUR GUNS.

3. As an intelligence specialist during the Cold War, I had to deal with members of Congress, the press, media and spoke throughout the United States to (1) expose abuses of power within our own intelligence community (while simultaneously supporting the intelligence community for legitimate national security reasons) and (2) show Americans how to expose corruption without getting personally involved or risking their own lives. I am amazed that both today's DEEP STATE and FAKE NEWS have been able to operate so easily without being brought down.

4. President Trump is the ONLY president who has aggressively challenged and exposed the danger that FAKE NEWS presents to the survival of our nation. Had Hillary Clinton been elected, the DEEP STATE and FAKE NEWS would have successfully achieved their objective and the America that we grew up with would have been lost forever.

5.The DEEP STATE and its anti-Trump supporters are working tirelessly to remove President Trump from office BEFORE the November 2020 election, and defeat him in 2020 if necessary. FAKE NEWS is currently attempting to remain credible by claiming that FREE SPEECH and the NEWS MEDIA are at risk if President Trump is allowed to attack FAKE NEWS. It turns out that FAKE NEWS is NOT the same as the NEWS MEDIA because there is a world of difference between FACTUAL TRUTHFUL INFORMATION, regardless of its source (foreign or domestic) and FAKE NEWS DESIGNED TO ENHANCE THE ELECTION OF VERY CORRUPT ANTI-AMERICANS.

6. I pray that a competent, creative, Christian, #MAGA, American organization, individual or web "geek", capable of ethically and legally exposing and bringing down the corrupt DEEP STATE and FAKE NEWS, Will ACQUIRE MY NATIONAL SECURITY and "MAGA" Dot Com DOMAIN NAMES. Money Talks. Though FAKE NEWS is supported by sponsors (television advertisers) WHO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING and ARE NOT AFRAID OF ILL-FATED BOYCOTTS, the Domain Names that I am willing to release, if placed in the right hands, can be used daily for thousands of Americans to notify sponsors of SPECIFIC ABUSES BY FAKE NEWS. All it takes is drawing the attention of those "Madison Avenue Madmen" and holding accountable the CEO's of companies who value their own jobs more than the USA. I am not talking about getting millions of voters involved; I am talking about getting a handful of competent Americans to take over a project aimed at protecting the United States. I wish to focus on my forthcoming last book, enjoy what the Lord has given me in the final years of my life, and appreciate what my wife and family have done to lead me to accept our Lord, Jesus Christ. The words below, taken from the draft of the Introduction of my book, best describe what this page and several chapters of my forthcoming book are all about:

7. "I’ll be happy if the Lord arranges for 77 certain people to read this book from beginning to end. They know who they are and will understand why, especially when recognizing a few condensed quotes from my first three books and seeing how it all ties in with personal information that I disclose now, but could not discuss for legitimate national security and privacy reasons during the Cold War. And, for those readers whom I have never met but are impacted by something said within these pages , I have no doubt that long after I have departed, the Lord will use you for a purpose He has in mind. This will not be obvious if you are young at heart. Trust me: The Lord is always in control no matter how old you are."

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I cannot believe that both the #DeepState and #FakeNews got as far as they did without being taken down long ago by decent Americans.



Peter N. James

(I wrote and posted the UNCLASSIFIED ASSESSMENT BELOW on the Hannity Forum on 13 March 2015)

Protect the United States
2020 and Beyond

Too Many Corrupt People Knew About This


There is a reason why the post below is being made today, 13 March 2015. America's "national security" CLOCK is ticking:

Prima Facie disclosures and evidence would lead any U.S. national security expert to conclude that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton not only used her personal “unsecured” e-mails to conduct official business for 4 years, but she appears to have gravely damaged the legitimate national security interests of the United States by NOT FOLLOWING established State Department regulations and U.S. national security guidelines and requirements.

While much of the focus has been on her political ambitions and failure to disclose how her personal and official e-mails were handled and/or not separated, the possibility exists that Hillary Clinton through incompetence, arrogance, and a desire to enhance her political ambitions may have exposed America’s most vital secrets (via her sensitive unsecured e-mails) to our worst enemies, which includes terrorists and hostile foreign governments like Iran.

Rather than go into specific details of what involves grave damage to U.S. national security interests, it would be easier for most anyone to understand what Hillary (irresponsibly) did by imagining what would be learned if EVERY OFFICIAL e-mail sent and received by Hillary on what she claimed is her private server was hacked and printed out for analysis by America’s worst enemies.

Any computer-literate foreign intelligence service, hacker, or terrorist organization would know exactly how the U.S. would respond to any international crisis, including military secrets, strengths, and weaknesses, thanks to Hillary’s failure to follow national security guidelines. The lives of U.S. government personnel, including military servicemen and women, have been jeopardized.

Based on the fact that the U.S. Espionage Act appears to have been violated by the highest ranking State Department official, her “personal” server and all E-mails while conducting official business must be secured immediately by the FBI, whose job BY LAW is to protect U.S. government national security secrets. This is NOT an issue that is subject to debate by Hillary, her defenders, and the press and media. It is already covered by LAW and requires that an immediate DAMAGE ASSESSMENT to national security interests be conducted by the U.S. government …NOW, not on when or whether Hillary decides to cooperate.

If what has been disclosed during the past week involved any other American holding a secret clearance, his or her “private” computers, servers, and e-mails would have already been LEGALLY seized by responsible U.S. counter-intelligence officials assigned to protect national secrets.

America is dealing with what appears to be the most serious national security scandal and breach in U.S. history. Appropriately, American computer geeks can serve U.S. national security interests by advancing PUBLICLY how easy it is for hacks to access the “personal” e-mails of a “private” server. Former U.S. government counter-intelligence officials can serve U.S. national security interests by PUBLICLY educating the American people what "national security interests" means and how it has been damaged in the past by spies, traitors, and irresponsible U.S. government employees who promised to protect classified information but did not do so.

Hopefully, this forum will pursue the national security perspective so that the public will understand better that the issue is not Hillary, but protecting the United States. Heaven help America if the press and media continue to protect the political ambitions of politicians at the expense of protecting the national security of the United States.


I am NOW Retired
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Patriot Domain Names

Holding FAKE NEWS Accountable

Make Suggestions on how ALL 5 Domain Names below can best be used to Protect America





Protect OUR
Military and Veterans

Make Suggestions on Who Can Best Use the Domain Names Below in 2021 and Beyond to Protect America.



Photo Credits: U.S. Defense Department


By Privately Owning The Domain Names shown on the left, MAGA AMERICANS and PATRIOTS Can Effectively Use SOCIAL MEDIA to hold FAKE NEWS Accountable. I'm retiring and am looking for a few Americans or reputable organizations to legally and responsibly use the Internet to
Protect America.


FAKE NEWS Will Be More Dangerous in 2020 and Beyond
(Compared to 2016 When They All Thought Trump Would Lose)

Background and Plan of Action

The FAKE NEWS (TV) domain names above were registered two decades ago when it became obvious that the national news media no longer served as the American public's watchdog as intended by our founders and the U.S. Constitution. An unholy alliance was created between corrupt politicians, political action committees, the news media and their sponsors. This invited massive escalating corruption in Washington D.C. and the potential demise of our republic. Much of it is based on the realization that corrupt politicians in control of trillions of tax dollars could use their influence on other corrupt influential organizations and their leadership to get reelected to continue the same. The focus on getting reelected to continue the corruption so that they can jointly misuse or steal tax dollars and manipulate decent Americans has replaced getting elected to serve the best interests of Americans and the United States as a constitutional republic.

The election of Donald J. Trump on November 8, 2016 exposed what became known as FAKE NEWS, the unbridled combination of biased and misinformation disseminated to the American people by four of our nation's news outlets CNN, NBC, CBS, and ABC. During 2017-2018, corrupt U.S. government operatives who had worked inside the Obama Administration in the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) became known as the DEEP STATE. Even employees affiliated with the Democrat National Committee (DNC) and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign committee corrupted the 2016 election by tilting their own Democrat primary process to assist Hillary Clinton.

Serious corruption during the Obama Administration included violations of the Espionage Act, Obstruction of Justice, and using the assets of the U.S. Intelligence Community and Executive Branch to help elect Democrat Nominee Hillary Clinton and defeat Republican Nominee Donald Trump. By 2018, the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, as well as the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government under President Trump, began to investigate DEEP STATE violations of existing federal laws. When President Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017, it became apparent that he had ”inherited” the corrupt DEEP STATE, which immediately began leaking sensitive and classified information to members of FAKE NEWS. Their objective was to both discredit the Trump Administration and continue its anti-Trump agenda. These leaks were also aimed at diverting attention from the many unknown illegal U.S. Government activities that if exposed could ultimately result in the prosecution and jailing of past and present DEEP STATE officials.

Today, it is generally accepted that had Hillary Clinton been elected president and had the Democrat Party gained control of the U.S. House and Senate following the Nov. 2016 elections, much of the government corruption currently being investigated would have been covered up and never seen the light of day. Accordingly, CORRUPT POLITICIANS and OPERATIVES in Washington KNOW THEY MUST REGAIN CONTROL OF THE WHITE HOUSE, THE U.S.HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, and the U.S. SENATE or THEY WILL ALL FACE CERTAIN PROSECUTION AND GET JAILED. This means that they need “FAKE NEWS” to help them remove from office anyone who wants to investigate the “DEEP STATE”. "FAKE NEWS”, coordinated and orchestrated by CNN, NBC, CBS, and ABC, has survived because their “SPONSORS” have knowingly aided and abetted their biased agendas without having to pay a financial price, unlike the National Football League (NFL) and “Hollywood”, which have seen huge declines in stadium, theater, and television viewership, thanks to American patriots who rejected anti-Americanism.

The secret DEEP STATE, supported in part by FAKE NEWS and its SPONSORS, no longer has the capability to end most all investigations (and prosecutions) of its clearly illegal activities. Without controlling the outcome of both the November 2020 congressional and presidential elections, corrupt officials across the board are finished, AND THEY KNOW IT.


FBI   Army   Navy   Marines   AirForce   Military  

Peter's Principle

The last thing that criminals, anarchists, and domestic and foreign terrorists need is to have Americans acknowledge publicly that the services and sacrifices of police officers throughout the United States and members of the military are valued DAILY. One way of doing so is to simply give a "thumbs up" signal of appreciation to a police officer whenever eye contact is made, even at a distance or when a patrol car drives by. The same applies to members of the U.S. military services whether at home, at an airport, or overseas. There are more "Good Guys" in America than "Bad Guys", and its time to let the "Bad Guys" know that Americans will not stand by and allow criminals or terrorists to destroy our neighborhoods, towns, and cities. The disrespect of institutions and people that protect America must end, and this includes holding accountable members of the press, media, advertisers, and sponsors that overtly or cryptically support dishonest and corrupt politicians that believe that they are above the law.

Please pass "Peter's Principle" (this page) to your friends and contacts on Social Media

Message by "The American"

Message by "The American"
(Posted Before August 2020 When the Republican Convention Renominated President Trump)


"Protect the United States"
A Project That Welcomes Young and Old Americans

The Protect The United States project involves domestic and foreign issues that currently threaten America's independence and values.

The objective is to create an independent army of unpaid and mostly unknown self-starting American volunteers that can apply their "social media" and computer skills to responsibly and legally protect
what God and the founders of our country created for all Americans -- freedom and a nation that values life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

This will be the "worst nightmare" for all "Bad Guys" -- domestic and foreign; having to deal with millions of decent and idealistic Americans with home computers (and their OWN network of friends and social media contacts) is a lot different than being able to threaten, intimidate, blackmail, or pay off thousands of KNOWN vulnerable or corrupt people who happen to be influential or work  in "high places" like in government or the press and media.

The last thing that the "Bad Guys" need is having thousands of experienced Americans providing ideas and guidance to the next generation of "computer-literate self-starters". For those young idealists who like the idea of taking on the "Bad Guys", the following advice applies: No political party or person in America has a monopoly on good or bad ideas. Operate as an American who knows God, understands the meaning of freedom, and is not afraid to debate and defend the values our country was founded upon. We encourage Americans to help the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION to #DrainTheSwamp.

This is a "new ball game" and we thank our nation's founders and God for laying out the "ground rules".

Message by "The American" to All DOMESTIC "Bad Guys"


"Just let every Senator and House member know that Americans will be organizing millions of senior citizens along with high school and college students, teachers, and professors to use the Internet to uncover waste, abuse, fraud, and corruption involving local, county, state, and federal level government employees and their contract awards and contractors. Americans cannot depend on self-serving politicians and their friends in "high places" to protect the United States on economic and national security matters."

"Concurrent with the above, Americans will be encouraged to support with their voices those persons and politicians, regardless of political affiliation, who honestly and competently serve the best interests of the United States with responsible transparency."

"If the national press and media choose not to fulfill their constitutional responsibility to protect the public's right to know when "government" and/or its "representatives" abuse their power, our constitution allows Americans to legally express themselves  (freedom of speech) by also either boycotting or praising the very advertisers and sponsors that financially support the press and national media. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on one's point of view) "money talks". Just as the national press and media have the right to expose or ignore abuses of government power, the American public has the right to support (or boycott) the sponsors that help support financially the national press and media. An analysis of the problem shows that (1) the media is highly dependent on advertisers, (2) advertisers are highly dependent on the public, and (3) the public has been very ineffective in holding politicians and members of the press and media accountable for irresponsible conduct.

America has MILLIONS of Americans, affectionately known in the "Old Day" as "Sleeping Giants", who are about to wake up. The last thing that the "Bad Guys" need is to have millions of "Good Guys" waking up" and taking a close look at what the "Bad Guys" are doing and how they are doing it. The TRUMP ADMINISTRATION has already started the process of "Draining The Swamp". Corrupt do-nothing politicians who have distorted the American system are only concerned about getting elected so that they can access and steal billions of tax dollars. At some point, American voters will recognize the difference between corrupt politicians whose efforts are entirely designed to get elected versus elected representatives whose efforts are aimed at successfully running a government as intended by our Constitution.


  (Please Note: The Americanism described in this section is not dependent on current events or reacting to recent criminal activities that have gone unpunished by weak "non-American" authorities who either do not believe in God or the U.S. Constitution or both. Some of the comments made here were published by yours truly in earlier years. Some, like those below were posted before President Trump was elected.
Comments BELOW Posted 8-9 January 2015)

The Terrorism Issue


Let Every Terrorist Know: Your days are numbered. The technology now exists to track down your location whenever you send an e-mail or post on a website. Americans are going after you!

We encourage citizens of the world to legally cooperate with anti-terrorism police authorities.

We encourage Americans to pressure Congress, the FCC, and the television industry to allow our own citizens to routinely receive on their own home television sets LIVE broadcasts emanating from most all other countries in the world. There is no reason why Mr. and Mrs. "America" cannot INSTANTLY access with the click of a button television stations in Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, Madrid, Zurich, Jerusalem, Athens, Mexico City, Tokyo, Ottawa, etc. like it already does with ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, and FOX television affiliates.  This technology already exists and would enhance the war against terrorism.

Politics and advertising revenues have no business taking precedence over the national security interests of the United States and the worldwide war against terrorism. The world has changed and it is critical that Americans get firsthand worldwide information without having it filtered by a local or national media outlet that supports a political ideology or policies emanating from Washington rather than the American public's right to know through Free Speech as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.



Peter N James
I would love nothing better than to both keep my privacy and provide guidance/ideas to God-fearing young American mavericks. Time to legally and aggressively pursue and research areas involving both national security and individual rights, far beyond what has been done thus far. Use the internet and your Social Media contacts to responsibly keep the press, media, and our government on their toes, as provided by our nation's founders and the U.S. Constitution. You have done your job when corrupt, self-serving politicians and bureaucrats fear you and the American people.

The last thing that criminals, anarchists, and domestic and foreign terrorists need is to have Americans acknowledge publicly that the services and sacrifices of police officers throughout the United States and members of the military are valued daily. One way of doing so is to simply give a "thumbs up" signal of appreciation to a police officer whenever eye contact is made, even at a distance or when a patrol car drives by. The same applies to members of the U.S. military services whether at home or overseas. There are more "Good Guys" in America than "Bad Guys", and its time to let the "Bad Guys" know that Americans will not stand by and allow criminals or terrorists to destroy our neighborhoods, towns, and cities. The disrespect of institutions and people that protect America must end, and this includes holding accountable members of the press, media, advertisers, and sponsors that overtly or cryptically support dishonest and corrupt politicians that believe that they are above the law.

Peter N. James
4 May 2015 and 11 January 2020 and 13 March 2020




The Value of a Free Press

The NBC-Brian Williams scandal of February 2015 was just the beginning. The TRUMP PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN demonstrated to Americans that our founders knew exactly what they were doing when they created the Constitution of the United States. The former NBC Nightly News Anchor would never had been exposed in a country headed by a dictatorship that controls the press, media, and free speech. Likewise, the dishonest press and media were exposed during the TRUMP PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN and throughout his presidency. Message to all "Bad Guys:
You've got a problem when dealing with Americans. "We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!"


Aruba Lotto 2015The American

Ending Racism and Discrimination
Deal With Americans as "Americans"

Anyone born in America or who becomes a naturalized citizen of the United States is an American. There is no reason why an American citizen cannot be called an "American" by others rather than "what type" of American they are. This policy will help end a lot of nonsense and put racists of all colors and ethnic backgrounds out of business, including self-serving profiteers and politicians. Exploiters of human beings are mostly looking for power, money, or some type of unfair advantage over others. Unfortunately, some members of the press, media, and even their sponsors support this nonsense, which also makes it more difficult for the United States to compete economically against other nations; holding any American back by not applying our laws equally to individuals adversely affects our productivity.

Some politicians will not call an America an "American" if it offends their "politically correct or incorrect" supporters. In simple language, there is absolutely nothing wrong with appropriately using the term "American" to describe a White-American, African-American, Hispanic-American, Asian-American, Christian-American, Jewish-American, Islamic-American or any other "qualified" American. Doing so will deal a major blow to racists, terrorists, self-serving politicians, and a lot of divisive people who make their livings exploiting or hurting others.

Any American certainly has the right to call themselves whatever they wish. This especially applies to any American who is proud of his or her ethnic heritage. But Americans also have the right to question the motives of anyone who is afraid to or will not call an American an "American". This is another way of saying that all American adults should abide by the law, all laws must be enforced and applied equally to all Americans, and all Americans should expect other Americans to protect their rights.  Apply this as accepted "Policy" in the United States, supported by all political parties, and watch most all Americans positively and optimistically hold their heads high...again, the way it used to be when immigrants wanted to be called "Americans". 

American parents and grandparents must communicate this message to their children. There is nothing wrong with being an American and standing up to and protecting the principles our country was founded upon.......nothing less.

Please pass this on.
Peter N. James

Posted 2014-2015.

Peter N. James
Author, Speaker, Whistleblower, SPY -- The American


Peter of USA  -- "The American -- Peter N. James
Peter N. James
(click above for more public information, press coverage, etc.)
(Peter Successfully Kept His Privacy Even Though For More Than a Decade He Had the Number One Speaker Series on International Espionage and Terrorism During the Reagan, Bush and Early Part of the Clinton Presidencies.

Separately visit the address below for more personal information, some of which is covered in Peter's forthcoming memoir.


Peter N. James is PRIVATELY Focused on National Security and OTHER Issues
He is Unavailable for Public Speaking Appearances
Look for Peter's published MEMOIR in 2022-2023

To the "Magnificent 77"

Focus on "Saving America", Reelecting President Donald Trump, and defeating EVERY Democrat candidate for political office on Nov. 3, 2020 and all corrupt politicians, regardless of political affiliation, by December 2022. This will be an American operation using traditional values and "old" principles that have always withstood the test of time. I encourage the "Magnificent 77" and other visitors to quote directly from anything that I have personally written on this page and use as your own if you wish. Feel free to attribute quotes or ideas authored by "The American" on this page AS YOUR OWN. Yes, you can reference ProtectTheUnitedStates.com if you wish. My objective is to let Americans know that if you believe in God and love our country, we had better heed the advice and warnings that our founders gave us when creating our nation: They handed us a democracy and a Republic

The ideas presented above, many which were published or posted well before President Trump was elected in 2016, should be food for thought for any American who loves our country and what our founders created. They are the comments and reaction of an American grandfather who occasionally watches news broadcasts presented by FOX, CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS. He is working on his own book, but hopes that other Americans take time to consider his observations and act accordingly, always abiding by the law and God's principles.

Besides "The Magnificent 77", other Americans who have stumbled on this page and have their own social networks should feel free to use any of the material on this page (written by THE AMERICAN, PNJ) as their own if they wish.

Today's Message: Pray for God to deal with un-Godly people who are trying to take over the United States government; President Trump will be reelected in a decisive landslide on Nov 3, 2020. Pray for and let the Lord deal with un-Godly anti-Americans who are trying to destroy what American patriots created several hundred years ago with God's blessings.

Pray, Pray, and Pray for God to protect our president, his family, and the United States of America.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

For HISTORICAL REASONS, what is shown ABOVE was "permanently frozen" on Nov. 4, 2020.

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Peter N. James is PRIVATELY Focused on National Security Issues
He is Unavailable for Public Speaking Appearances
Look for Peter's published MEMOIR in 2022-2023