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Vladimir Putin, Russia, and the KGB


A Credible Historical Perspective

Peter N. James is a very professional national speaker, ex-SPY and intelligence analyst whose books, intelligence reports and speaking programs accurately assessed and described Soviet and Russian work and intentions decades before historians could verify the same. His speaking engagements included his personal experiences when dealing with high-level Russian scientists, engineers, intelligence officers, and decision-makers while addressing current issues.

History has a way of verifying the truth thanks to Western historians who have accessed the secret documents that were declassified by the Russians following the collapse of the Soviet Union.  Space historians have also credited Peter N. James with accurately describing in his first book (Soviet Conquest From Space, published in 1974) Soviet rocket and space programs (including the Soviet Man on the Moon and Soviet Space Shuttle programs) that were in the works but not confirmed until the release of Russian documents some two decades later. In fact, some of the Soviet programs that Peter exposed publicly in 1974 were secretly canceled by the Kremlin leadership between the time his book was published and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Because Soviet projects exposed by Peter never appeared as "operational" hardware, a number of "experts" discounted Peter's disclosures simply on the basis that no one else had publicly reported the same.

What some "experts" in the West did not know is that Peter N. James accurately covered details of Soviet intentions and their rocket, space, missile, and defense programs in 1970 (some four years before his first book was published) in an 800-page intelligence report that he authored that was classified SECRET-NO FOREIGN DISSEMINATION. Though this secret document was prepared for the United States Air Force, it was requested by and delivered to the Executive Office of the President when its existence was revealed. The report received high marks in U.S. government classified circles because it not only represented an "unfiltered" analysis of Soviet secret rocket, space, and defense programs that were not covered in official intelligence assessments, but in many cases it was the FIRST to document and provide details of the Soviet Man-on-the-Moon program, the Soviet land-based ICBM launch silo "reload" capability, the existence of the highly secret Soviet Space Shuttle program, and their plans to create an integrated military-oriented space program supported by space stations, orbit-to-orbit reusable "space tugs", and its own reusable Space Shuttle; the latter systems were on the drawing boards and being developed, but it all fell apart when the Soviet economy could not sustain it and the Soviet Union itself collapsed.

During the Cold War, Peter met and dealt with hundreds of important Russian officials including some of their top intelligence officers. At the request of the CIA, Peter's raw intelligence reports escalated to include political information emanating out of the Kremlin such as Soviet-Sino strained relations and "real time" Soviet reactions to President Nixon's announcement that the United States would resume bombing Haiphong Harbor in Vietnam; the CIA Miami Field Office would later confirm to Peter that his accurate assessment of the Soviet Reaction to President Nixon's announcement put a "feather in their cap", being the first of the many CIA worldwide field offices to accurately report that the Soviet Union would not cancel the planned Summit Conference in Moscow between President Nixon and then General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev.

Over time, Peter learned how to think like his Russian adversaries, which also explained why his intelligence analysis work prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union was on target. That background is useful today given recent events in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Cuba, and elsewhere.

It is not a question of how to 'play chess' with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but to understand how he "thinks". He is not only today's Russian leader, but he is a former KGB intelligence officer who never forgot "Cold War" tactics that usually worked when dealing with "weak adversaries" It is easier to successfully deal with any adversary when you understand how he thinks and operate from a position of strength rather than perceived weakness.


A promotion poster for a Peter N. James event during the "Cold War" at the University of Missouri- Kansas City.

Well before the collapse of the Soviet Union, which caught the U. S. Government by surprise, Peter's audiences were advised during both terms of the Reagan presidency that the Soviet Union could be brought to its knees, not by nuclear weapons and missiles, but by an economically superior United States. 


He showed audiences that the Soviet Union was about to destroy itself economically and it was not necessary for the United States to follow suit (our own economic destruction) by continuing a senseless and wasteful arms race when both sides already had enough weapons to destroy the entire world. This was a "no-brainer" never understood by some members of the U.S. intelligence community and our military-industrial complex.



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*Too bad that the late chief of the CIA field office in Miami (Justin F. Gleichauf) was not available to visit me. Because the Logan Act prevents me from approaching the Russian government with a proposal to discuss how to get the Russians to voluntarily withdraw from the Ukraine, I would advise Gleichauf's successors that the Russians need to talk with people that they believe will keep their word. What I have in mind involves war reparations, helping the Ukrainian people, getting the Russians to break relations with China, and showing the Kremlin that they could have more prosperity for their people if they cooperate with the West. The Russians want to withdraw from the Ukraine, but they need different people to talk with, NOW. (Posted April 30, 2022)