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Posted 19 July 2024

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President Joe Biden MUST RESIGN

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Peter James is the owner of these DOMAIN NAMES. His PERSONAL Email is

Peter James is PRIVATELY Focused on National Security and American Individual Rights Issues
He is Unavailable for Public Speaking Appearances
Look for Peter's published MEMOIR in late 2024


The current owner of the Domain Names below is Peter James, an American author, former aerospace and rocket engineer, international speaker, expert on U.S. national security affairs, and a principled ex-spy who is "coming in from the cold" (again) to address today's issues of espionage, terrorism, national security, and the violations of our individual American rights by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. Before retiring, Peter addressed more than a thousand university, Executive Club, and Round Table audiences in 47 states and Canada. An 800-page SECRET report that Peter authored during the Cold War, which was requested by the Executive Office of the President, received high marks throughout U.S. government classified circles; it was the first to document major Soviet rocket and missile developments that were previously unknown by the U.S. government. As a "Secret American" who has enjoyed his privacy for the last three decades, Peter will be releasing his Memoir in late 2024. Look for it.

Peter's Remaining Dot Com Domain Names FOR SALE AS OF 19 JULY 2024 AND AND  
OPINION/COMMENTARY: Back in June 2021 we officially registered the above "Boycott" domain names per AMC and LMN because it appears that the "Mad Men" on Madison Avenue have been unduly influenced by the "politically correct" culture that has taken over American television. Anyone who has taken the time to study the first 15 seconds of most all commercials shown each day on AMC, LMN, and the television networks should notice a "statistical deviation" from past advertisements in earlier years. While we certainly enjoy watching on television the movies presented by AMC and LMN, if our assessment is correct, perhaps Americans who are concerned with the direction that our country is heading should take a closer look at what they are being shown by "sponsors" inside THEIR OWN commercials, let alone which shows they are sponsoring. Imagine what a creative group of 100% Americans, or better yet, a patriotic American billionaire could do with the above domain names.
Money talks, no matter which side of the fence you are on.
President Joe Biden MUST RESIGN. His mental condition has jeopardized the national security interests of the United States. Members of his staff and family, corrupt politicians, and members of the press and media who have covered up his mental condition during 2024 (and before) should be held accountable for not disclosing long ago that they have known that President Joe Biden is not mentally capable as President to preserve and protect the United States of America.

Above Dot Com Domain Names Were Registered Mostly in the 1990s

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Peter James